“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not”

–          Jeremiah 33:3

No matter how you feel about praying, there is no substitute for it. We must pray whether we feel like it or not. The reality of the matter is that the more we do not feel like praying, the more we ought to pray. We must keep praying until we feel like praying. Someone once said – “Seven days without prayers make one weak”. We really have no choice if we are to be successful in the things of God. This is the injunction of the Lord. Luke 18:1 says that “And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;” We are to keep praying and not give up or get discouraged. Below are some of the reasons why we have no choice but to pray. These reasons, though not in any way exhaustive, constitutes the purpose of prayer

It is through prayer that we enforce God’s will on earth and in our lives. Matthew 6:10. The hands that created the Heavens and the Earth can be moved in prayers. We cannot come to God or walk with God without praying. Through prayers, we commune with the Lord, know what is on His mind for our lives and for every situation that we present to Him. When we are praying, we not only speak with God, we commune and fellowship with Him.  We also receive instructions in the place of prayer concerning whatever situation that might be confronting us. 2Chro. 20:4-17.

Praying is the response given to us as believers in order to overcome sickness. James 5:16tells us that as we confess our sins and pray one for another, that we would be healed. It goes on to say that when our prayers are fervent, they will avail a great deal. Prayer is an expression of faith in God. It is in praying to God that we prove our trust in Him. Prayer also is the means to overcoming temptations. According to Matthew 26:41, we need to watch and PRAY if we are to avoid falling into temptations.

If you desire a closer walk with the Lord and victory over the devil and his host of demons, then you need to take prayers more seriously. Jude 1:20 admonishes us to build up ourselves in our most holy faith. Prayer is the way to build up yourself and increase your faith walk with God. In our warfare with the Devil, every weapon that we have needs to be operated and activated in the place of prayers. What more, there is nothing that we can do as believers that the devil is not good at. We can praise and worship God, we can even quote scriptures eloquently, but in all these areas, we will find the devil quite competent. The only thing we can do as believers that the Devil cannot do is pray, since he has no one to pray to. This is why our prayers represent a vital tool if we are to overcome the enemy.

Our prayers can cause us to experience a miraculous turnaround. Job was restored when he prayed for his friends. Job 42:10. The reality of the matter is that the greatest privilege every challenge we face provide to us is the opportunity to pray and see results in our favour. It is through prayer that we discover and fulfil God’s purpose for our lives. Until God draws you to a place of prayer voluntarily or compulsorily, you cannot truly and fully understand His purpose for your life. Jeremiah 29:11-12

God is committed to answering prayers. He always answers when a believer prays. Psalm 65:2. He is also committed to answering the prayer for forgiveness and salvation of the non-believer. In fact, His word declares that if our sins be as scarlet, God is asking us to come and rub minds together with Him on it and He will wash us and we will be white as snow Isaiah 1:18. Have you been to Jesus for His cleansing power? Are you washed in the blood of the lamb? If not, you have an opportunity to do so today in the place of prayers. Believe me beloved, the prayer of forgiveness and salvation for yourself or for another is one of the greatest prayers you can ever pray, and you know what; it is guaranteed an answer.

Prayer Arrows:

  1. Lord, I confess and repent of my carelessness about my spiritual life.
  2. Father, forgive me of any sin of indulgence that has contributed to my present spiritual state.
  3. Lord, I repent of the sin of not having a virile personal/family altar. Please help me to start one today, and make me to remain consistent in Jesus’ name.
  4. Lord, please give me a soul thirst and heart hunger for your presence. Give me also an unusual appetite for Your Word in Jesus’ name.
  5. I come against you foul spirit of prayerlessness, I bind and cast you out of my life in the name of Jesus.
  6. I pull down and demolish every satanic altar raised against my spiritual life right now in Jesus’ name. Every programmed evil against my prayer life shall no longer stand in the name of Jesus.
  7. In Jesus’ name, I command every demon of lukewarmness, coldness, spiritual apathy, fear of prayer and spiritual dryness to get out of my life right now.