Charity Work

Pastor leke Sanusi has effectively touched many lives through many of his attributes. He has done this through his numerous teachings and sermons, through many life-changing books he has written and through speeches he delivered at seminars and conferences. Pastor leke’s way of spreading the gospel has taken a new dimension. This servant of God, in his realisation that the spiritual needs of the people are far met through addressing their physical challenges, has been used by God to bring succour to the village where is mother hails from by commissioning two major and laudable projects and there are still many more to come.

Through the Good Shepherd Mission, two boreholes have been constructed to serve the needs of these villagers and recently the mission also started to build a church out of the crisp true which warns us all not to close our eyes to the plight of poor people and to those who are in need. If we do, and they cry to God in their distresses, then the Bible says, He is going to hear their cry and take it up against us. “I believe that a life that wants to follow Christ is not complete if it does not also have the manifestation of the compassion of Christ.

One of the strongest thing about the ministry of Christ is compassion and you cannot say you have compassion for the people if you are not ready to serve them or Ige out to them”, Pastor Leke observed.

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