2021 will be a beautiful year! God will turn the ashes of last year to beauty this year. Isa.61:3. 2021 will be a year of Dominion. You will dominate all your dominators this year! Ps.8:5. The sorrow and sighing of last year shall flee away this year! Isa.35:10. The crown of glory shall appear on the head of every true believer this year. Prov.4:9. 2021 shall truly be a year of new beginnings because the former things have passed away! Rev.21:4. This shall be a year of dancing and laughter indeed. Ps.126:1-2. The wind, the storms and the floods of 2021 will not make you afraid because the law of “lt Shall Not Come Near You and Yours” will operate in your favour in the name of Jesus. I strongly RECOMMEND that you use this book for personal, family and congregational prayers over seven days. I counsel you to take out many blocks of seven days throughout the year to key into the principles and pray the prayers in this book. As you do this, the Lord will give you a fruitful, fulfilling and flourishing year in the name of Jesus.