Storms, troubles, problems, challenges, afflictions, crisis are real and they are part and parcel of life. Everyone born of woman, is born to trouble. The year 2020 was a very stormy year for the whole world as we woke up to the deadly reality of a global pandemic called coronavirus or COVID19 in the early months of the year. The disease is still raging, haven caused many loss of lives worldwide and untold social, political and economic upheavals that may take many years to recover from. Yet, through it all, many have discovered God’s greater good and are soaring above the storm like the Eagle. This book contains the practical spiritual warfare strategy you need to overcome any storm of life. There are over four hundred prayer arrows ready to go from your lips to confront and conquer the storm challenging your destiny. I charge you to be an Eagle, undaunted by the storms, but ready to spread your wings and ride the air currents of the storm, turning the stumbling block of your storm to stepping stone to higher heights of greater achievements for the greater good of your purpose on earth.