“I e-mailed you sometime last year after reading your book, None Shall Be Barren.  My wife and I have been trying for a child for many years.  Your book gave us a supernatural leap of faith.  It is with gladdened heart that I wish to inform that the Lord has done it for us as my wife is now six months pregnant.  This has confirmed what we read in your book.”


“My wife and I read your book, None Shall Be Barren.  It came at a time when all hopes of achieving a pregnancy were lost.  You also prayed with us in Dallas for the fruit of the womb.  I am writing to inform you that my wife delivered a baby girl on Monday. We give God all the glory.”


“I have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb for some years.  My senior sister who attends your church in London gave me a copy of your book, None Shall Be Barren.  I read it and my faith was greatly increased.  Two years after reading your book, the Lord has blessed me with a baby girl.”


“Thank you sir for your support in prayers, may the Lord bless your ministry and the works of your hand.  I requested for prayers for my family concerning the fruit of the womb in July and the Lord has done it already sir.”


“I am not surprised at the brilliance with which this book is written haven seen you on occasions in Ife, when I was just a ‘Jambite’. What surprised me is that you are now a Christian, that you passed through what I am passing through now with my wife.  I thank God for using somebody like you.  I felt very touched after reading the book and I have since then renewed my life in Christ.”


“Your book has made an amazing journey from England to Honduras.  I read and re-read your book which was such an encouragement to me.”


“I am writing to you because I have just read your book “None Shall Be Barren” and I will like to thank you for writing your testimony as I found it to be very encouraging.  I feel the Lord has restored a hope in me where there was previously despair and a dull acceptance that somehow I had to come to terms with the very thing I find most abhorrent in my life.  I feel emboldened to pray the prayer pointers daily, which I have already started to do.”


“I got your book in the post yesterday and I have just finished the first reading. It took me exactly five hours from 7.30am (on the bus to work today) until 12.30pm. I must confess that once I started it I did not want to leave it for a minute.  However, on completion, I decided to use it to bless others especially those who are in a similar situation as you were.”


“I saw your book, None Shall Be Barren. I read it, it reaffirms that the Lord our God, He is God.  He is faithful, He is forever LORD.”

J.B.O., IBADAN, NIGERIA, Your Content Goes Here

“I have just finished reading your book, None Shall Be Barren and while I was reading it, I had different feelings on different occasions and different expressions as well.  I wept in certain areas, was afraid, anxious, excited and finally marvelled at His awesomeness (God). Thank you so much for writing this book I wish I can tell you the extent to which you have opened our eyes to so many things. God bless you.”


“My husband and I were really blessed through the reading of your book, None Shall Be Barren with your experiences, and we thank God for giving you the grace to share your testimony.”

 B.M., U.S.A.
B.M., U.S.A., Your Content Goes Here
“I was barren for 9 years, you saw me at our church in Baltimore where you prayed with me and gave me your personal copy of None Shall Be Barren. Two months after I got pregnant and I now have a baby boy. Glory be to God!”
BALTIMORE, Your Content Goes Here
I want to thank God for His mercies upon me and my family. I also want to thank my Parents in the Lord, Pastors Leke & Bola Sanusi for their constant prayers and mentorship. During the crossover service into the year 2015, Pastor Leke ministered and prophesied what the coming year holds for us as children of God.
The scripture he used was Luke 3:1, 5-6 and sermon title was ‘The Crooked Shall be made Straight’. At that time, I had several things I was trusting the Lord for but do not know how they will come to be because of the circumstances that were surrounding me then. These challenges pushed me to the place of prayer. I decided to use the book for the first seven weeks of the year starting from January 2nd, 2015. It is a seven days’ prayer book but I continued going back to the beginning after every seven days. I just wanted to command the year to favour me and was determined not to stop until I have a testimony.
To the glory of God, Year 2015 marked the beginning of better years for me. In that year alone, the Lord did seven notable miracles in my life:
• My fiancé’s family suddenly gave their approval for our marriage in January 2015.
• I got married in April of the same year.
• In the same year, I saw my mother after over sixteen years.
• I completed a degree programme in the University in March, 2015.
• I wrote my final professional qualification exams in December 2015 and qualified as a    Chartered Accountant in January 2016.
• The Lord opened a great door of settlement in another country for my wife and I through her company. All expenses were paid and it did not cost us a dime.
• An unfavourable medical verdict by Doctors concerning my wife was reversed in December 2015.
“Praying the prayers in the commanding the year book series has brought many miracles for me and my family. I am still benefiting from the miracles God has done and still doing for us. I give God all the glory for using Pastor Leke to write the series every year.”
GeorgePerth, Australia, Your Content Goes Here

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